COVID-19 and its follow-up has certainly put an end to everybody’s plans. Well, that’s putting it negatively. More than a year later, at the time of publishing this note; how things have changed. And it is apparent that there is more to come still. There is still no time to get too comfortable in spite of the relative excitement being experienced over the roll-out of what could be termed the mother of all vaccines.

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Nevertheless, particularly for you and your fellow-citizens, people have elected to take the proverbial bull by the horns. Life is not about to stand still as a result of the pandemic. Yes, life can still go on but with a great deal more caution. And expect to be patient as you hunker down during the next stage of lockdown restrictions should a second, third, and even a fourth wave of infections spiral out of control.

But assuming that you are still able to conduct your usual affairs, but with caution of course, you should still be able to visit your kitchen or bathroom showroom in midland, tx over the weekend. But expect to be required to make an appointment to do so. Or perhaps you have time available during what would have been a usual working week, bearing in mind that many of you may still be booked off from work or working from home.

The appointments are necessary in order to maintain and control the required social distancing and sanitizing procedures. But even so, and should you be one of those who remain sceptical and/or vulnerable at this time, you need not even venture outside of your home. Because for the time being, you could still view the kitchen or bathroom showroom in a video presentation.

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